What are the best Double Umbrella Strollers?

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Sometimes life throws a curveball at you in the form of little children, of which you might be expecting it and other times you are not but have to deal with the situation. Sometimes you may be fortunate to have more than one child or even twins; however there might be certain things that you are forgetting.

Looking after children is no easy task and there are other certain tasks that may skip our mind when it comes to specialized care and handling. One such task is taking this children outdoors and out for walks, keeping them active as well as ensuring that their minds are constantly being enriched by the world around them.

However it can be very difficult keeping a young child under control and they can bounce and jump about. The same can be said for having two children, hence the need for a piece of equipment that can keep them safe as well as let them come with you when you visit the store or go for a walk or even just somewhere to sit still.

The double umbrella stroller does just that whilst also having additional features. It is a regular stroller that has the capacity for two young children whilst also containing a cover over the top, which acts as an umbrella. This umbrella will help protect them from the elements such as the rain or sun during walks or day trips.

Your Ultimate Guide for the Best Double Umbrella Strollers

Comparison Chart

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Jeep Scout Double Stroller, Lunar Burgundy
Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller, Lightweight Travel Stroller, Compact Fold with Tray, Sand
41EJ+8SSkdL. SL500
G-Link 2 Stroller – Jake (Black/Carbon)
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Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller
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Joovy Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller, Double Stroller, Extra Large Air Filled Tires, Glacier

Jeep Scout Double Stroller

41hdyvXRlmL. SL500

This double stroller is one of the most affordable out there with very sturdy materials and good build. It comes in easy care sage green microfiber fabric to effectively absorb sweat during hot sweltering days. The fabric can be taken down from the frame and washed when necessary.

Features: The Jeep Scout stroller has a multi-position mechanism that allows you to recline the seat for when the child needs to have a sound nap. The mechanism allows the backrest to be fully adjustable to desired height. The frame is constructed with hardwood in espresso finish. For additional comfort, it comes with a padded seat and arms that are completely removable

PROS: This double umbrella stroller is very lightweight and can be folded with just one hand, great if you’re holding your baby. It’s great for use when travel because the shade provides ample protection for your child and at the same time, it is easy to transport and carry, as it is not very bulky. It also doesn’t take up too much space in your car’s trunk.

The front wheels are also lockable so that it doesn’t swivel and instead go only on a straight line. This helps when maneuvering the stroller on difficult surfaces such as dirt and gravel.

CONS: Some customers have complained that this double umbrella stroller doesn’t last that long. The materials may be a bit flimsy and after it is used during long walks and travels, carrying very heavy load, it might just give away. Considering the price however, it’s still a pretty good deal but don’t expect for it to last years.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Sand


This double umbrella stroller is quite bulky but it is built for long walks and years of use. The seats are pretty big so it can easily accommodate toddlers or children. Each seat can hold up to 45 pounds weight so you can rest assured that you can use it for years until your child doesn’t need a stroller anymore.

Features: Each seat can be adjusted and reclined independently. You won’t have to force both children to sleep when the other still wants to marvel at the world around him/her. The footrest can also be adjusted on its own. Despite the seemingly large size and bulkiness, this double umbrella stroller can be folded using only one hand. It also comes with a wide canopy so to thoroughly protect your children.

PROS: Probably one of the best thing about this double umbrella stroller that also sets it aside from others is the extra large compartment that allows you to put a day’s worth of your children’s needs. You can also put your own belongings as well as purchases from stores. It can also easily accommodate your children’s clothing and plush toys.

It also includes two cup holders for parents and two zippered pockets for your small belongings such as cellphone, keys, wallets, and snacks. The seats have their own mesh pocket for the little toys of your children and each has an adjustable five-point harness for ultimate protection.

CONS: Because of the big build and slight heaviness of the stroller alone, some parents found that pushing it through corners was a great challenge especially when two kids already occupy the seats. Turning is also tougher when you are in tight areas such as in grocery stores. Consider testing this double umbrella stroller first before committing to buy.

41EJ+8SSkdL. SL500

This stroller is the most expensive one listed here but you have the means to try other sellers if you find the cost of this one to be too overpriced (this links to an Amazon listing). If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snatch this twin stroller for about $350, if only the UPPAbaby website itself is fast at restocking.

Features: You’ll definitely get what you pay for, as what other customers have said. The UPPAbaby holds up to 55 pounds of combined weight and allows for multiple seating positions and can fully recline. The wheels come in pairs; there are a total of six wheels in front and another six in the back. The stroller weighs about 18 pounds so it’s not very travel friendly.

PROS: All the wheels come with suspension so even if you traverse rocky and uneven paths, it won’t wake your children up. The front swivel tires can be locked for easy maneuvering on dirt and gravel roads. There’s also an easy to use central foot brake for added security features, apart from the adjustable five-point harness.

There is a handy mesh shopping basket and two pockets at the back of each seat for your children’s necessities and your own items. The seats can be removed from the frame and washed while the handles are easily adjusted depending on the parent’s height. The G-Link 2 also includes a rain cover and two water resistant hoods.

CONS: This double umbrella stroller doesn’t have anything to boast and set it apart considering the price. It is very sturdy and well made but there are other brands of strollers that are equally reputable but won’t break the bank. Try to check out other strollers that are cheaper as you may find something that has the same features and build such as this one.

Also, as an additional warning, the UPPAbaby G-Link 2 stroller is one of the suspected strollers with faulty mechanisms that can cause finger amputations. Ask the shop you’re purchasing from if this product comes with a free safety cover. Otherwise, definitely don’t buy this.

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller

91dwoBmSshL. SL500

This double stroller is great if you want to shift from the traditional side-by-side design, as this one has a stadium-style seating where one child is in front of the other. This is great if you want ease when pushing through big crowds and narrow roads.

Features: The seats can hold up to 40 pounds of weight each. The multi-position seats can recline all the way individually and has its own canopies and foot rests. Your kids also get their own kiddie trays with cup holders. Underneath the seats there is an extra large storage basket that can hold all your baby’s belongings. There’s also a molded parent tray with cupholder.

PROS: For the price, this double umbrella stroller is serious with its quality and build. Despite being lightweight, the Graco is very sturdy and boasts of high quality materials; thick sturdy frames and durable and relatively waterproof fabric. It opens and collapses with just the use of one hand.

CONS: The stadium-style stroller is only good for toddlers and babies; otherwise, the footrest will be too short for the child that sits behind. Many customers also expressed dissatisfaction on the wheels, which felt very flimsy.

Joovy Zoom X2 Double Jogging Stroller

411KirX4u7L. SL500

This is a double jogger umbrella stroller that allows the parent to run with the stroller leading the way. If you intend to do frequent jogs, it is recommended to get a high quality and safe stroller that can keep up with your pace.

Features: Running with your baby can be extremely dangerous, so definitely get one that takes safety seriously. The Joovy has a single front wheel that is lockable so it runs in a straight line. This removes the risk of the stroller turning over when you suddenly run through a rock or an uneven surface. Each seat also features five-point harness.

PROS: This double umbrella stroller has a 12-inch swiveling front tire and two 16-inch rear tires that help you easily maneuver against tight spaces and corners. The wheels feature a spring suspension system for a smooth, jolly ride. The seats come with molded trays with cup holders.

There is also a parent tray that includes a built-in MP3 speaker to keep you and your children entertained throughout the run. The handles are adjustable and rubberized to minimize the risk of slips. The Joovy is build with aluminum frame for lightweight and easy handling.

CONS: The front wheels, despite the lock, is prone to violent shaking when you are running or jogging at a faster speed. Many parents have experienced the stroller to tip and fall. If you’re only going to brisk walk or run at low speed, consider this stroller for the price. However, for the additional safety, invest in more expensive ones that have safer wheels.

What features should I look for in the best double umbrella stroller?

The best double umbrella stroller will not always have every single feature available but it should be able to do more than a few of them and pass with flying colors. Mentioned below are a series of different and similar features that you should look out for when making your selection and determining, which is the best double umbrella stroller:

  • Protection
  • Harnesses
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Storage
  • Weight
  • Size

Protection: Firstly the protection that the double umbrella stroller offers is one of the key components of these selection criteria as this is what sets it apart from any other regular double or single stroller. The issue is more than just “is there a cover there” and one that you should definitely consider before making your purchase.

What is the shape and stretch of the protective cover over the top of your child? Is it flat, curved, long or short? You should first consider how much sun your area receives and how much you want your child’s face protected. Some also stretch or fold up, so that may also be a contributing factor in your decision on a double umbrella stroller.

Harness: The addition of a safety harness on the front is also one you should consider. Linking in with safety (mentioned below), the safety harnesses available on a stroller can vary and offer differences in their benefits, disadvantages as well as how they are used overall. They are all slightly different and should be considered uniquely to your child.

One such method of determining the best one is to take your child to a store and figuring out which style lets them sit more easily, is less constricting and is also the sot comfortable for them to sit in. For a child it is very uncomfortable being locked into place, so you want to let them be able to look around and learn their surroundings.

Safety: Safety is another key criteria that is the most important when it comes to keeping our children safe and protected from the possibility of danger. One such danger is themselves, where children might run away from you or find themselves in a position where serious harm could come to them.

Ensuring that all aspects of the double umbrella stroller are safety and have no possibility of allowing a child to be in a position of danger is important. Having a stroller with no harness should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, a child should not easily remove the harness. You also want this to tie into durability as well.

Key Takeaway: You should also look into child safety features for the double umbrella stroller such as a front locking wheel. This will prevent the possibility of the stroller from sliding away during a moment of absence as well as prevent the young children sitting in it from being able to guide it away from you, where they might endanger themselves or others.

Durability: Durability relates to the strength of the harness from breaking, the strength of the parts that make up the double umbrella stroller and how well they all work together without breaking or becoming affected by everyday use. Having a piece of equipment that cannot perform its everyday tasks is a waste of time and money.

Investigate the types of materials used for every part of the double umbrella stroller, such as the material used to create the overall padding, what the safety locks are made of, what types of wheels are used for the stroller. Generally stronger material should look noticeably different and less plastic, as well as be a slightly higher price.

Storage: Storage space is another component that you might want to consider when making purchasing your double umbrella stroller. There are some strollers that offer no form of storage space at all and there are others that have a much larger pouch on the back, making it easy to store the goods and items that you might want to have.

Selecting a double umbrella stroller that has no storage space has its own advantages. For the most part it is more mobile, generally lighter and can be packed up and carried around easier. However, these types of double umbrella stroller are not usually in operation for long periods of time because they are quickly and cheaply made.

Alternatively there are larger and more versatile strollers that offer storage space, allowing you take along key items such as children’s food, drinks, toys and other essentials that can be important to keeping your children happy and also attend to their health and wellbeing. However these strollers are usually more difficult to pack up.

Weight: Weight is also a considerable factor and one that you as the parent or guardian should consider as you are the one who will be pushing the stroller around and moving it from one place to another when it is not being used. You will first want to consider what types of tasks you will use the stroller for and how often.

Will you regularly be going for walks to and from the home or other various locations? Will you be going part locations where the umbrella feature will be used extensively? Will you only go for walks every weekend? Will you drive to a location before using the double umbrella stroller? These are all valid questions that relate back weight.

Key Takeaway: Some strollers can become quite heavy and cumbersome when you get to select one that is both durable and large. It can become a hassle when you are constantly picking the stroller up, moving it around, packing it up to place in the back of a car or other location and especially more troublesome if you are doing so on a daily basis.

Size: If you expect you will regularly use it but on an extensive scale, consider finding one that is both large but also light. You may have to lower your expectations on certain other aspects like storage space or umbrella covering, but in the end it will make the whole process of using it much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Size comes into play when considering what usage you will get out of your double umbrella stroller. Ensuring that it is a size that will fit into the back of your car for trips where you might be going out of town or on an excursion to location will help to ensure that the adventure does not have any expectable problems.

Key Takeaway: It is wise to measure up and write down the dimensions of the main area where you have decided you might store the double umbrella stroller. If this is the main location where the stroller will be held then it needs to have at least 1 inch of space on all sides for it to fit securely. Any smaller and it will be difficult to keep securely.


With all of this in mind, hopefully you should have all the information you need to purchase the double umbrella stroller that you consider to be the best value for money as well as most appropriate for your current living conditions. Remember that there are many different features available and they should all be carefully considered.

It is however important to remember that certain features should be considered more important than other. The one feature that is the most important is safety. Ensuring the safety of your children and yourself should remain the deciding factor to any purchase and one that should be the apparent when selecting the best double umbrella stroller.

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